There's a new phishing scam that looks like they come from MnDOT and Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services asking to renew or validate their driver's license.

Phishing is when something looks real and is trying to get people to give personal information like bank account numbers, passwords, or other personal info, and usually has some type of link to validate the information by having you log in to a fake website or link.

I know that when the DMV or any Minnesota service (IRS, DVS, etc) try to contact you it is by mail and you will get a phone number on there too so you can confirm. Or you can call the local DMV to find out is something is legit.

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Identity theft resulting from phishing can be a long and expensive problem to resolve, I know because my sister had to clean up a mess that she fell for in an email that she thought was from work. Being that she was working from home, a letter from the IT department made sense to her.

The best thing to do is make a personal rule to never give out your personal information over the Internet or via e-mail and text, If it is a phone call, ask them if you can call them back, then see if you can verify at an agency locally or through the police or sheriff's department.

Here's an actual scam text on my phone.


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