"Roses are red, violets are blue / Don't take this personally, but I'm breaking up with you."

With no Necco conversation candy hearts to guide us through Valentine's Day this year, people are turning to Google for relationship advice.

Century Link Quote determined each state's most-Googled relationship question, and the results are telling of Minnesotans.

"How to break up" or some variation of it was the most-Googled relationship question in Minnesota in the past year. The good news is (if there's a silver lining to this), we're far from alone -- 12 other states Googled the same question, making it the most-Googled relationship question.

Century Link Quote
Century Link Quote

Three states wondered how to get over a breakup; six states admitted to cheating on a significant other; thirteen states wondered if their significant other loves them ("Does she love me?" and "Does he love me?"); ten states -- including our neighbors in North Dakota and Wisconsin -- wondered how to kiss.

At least we're not Oregon, Arkansas or Mississippi!

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