It’s never too late to say “I’m sorry.” Check out these 10 moments when musicians were humble enough to apologize to their fans.

Dave “Good Guy” Grohl is so good to his fans, he even apologized to them after breaking his own leg. During a 2015 gig in Sweden, Grohl took a misstep while performing “Monkey Wrench,” taking a nasty spill off the stage. Grohl had the unfortunate duty of informing the crowd he’d just broken his leg, saying “I’m so sorry” before heading off to the hospital and eventually returning for an encore.

NOFX’s Fat Mike thought he was defending himself when he kicked a fan in the face with his boot, but realizing he had overreacted, the punk frontman invited that fan backstage to bury the hatchet. Presenting the fan with a beer, Fat Mike offered his shin as tribute, giving the young man a free kick in the sake of fairness.

In one of the most famous apologies in the history of entertainment, Beatles legend John Lennon went on television to make amends after his “bigger than Jesus” quote. Though he apologized to those he offended, he also took the opportunity to explain how a private conversation had been taken out of context and how if he said television was bigger than Jesus, he may have gotten away with it.

Watch these 10 Musicians Apologizing to Fans in the Loud List above.

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