I've been golfing Nemadji Golf course in Superior, Wisconsin for the last 15 years. I love the courses. Both the East/West course and the North/South course have something for everyone. I've gone out twice this spring so far, and the experience is noticeably different.

KemperSports took over running the course in 2020. The course hadn't been breaking even in recent years, and the city awarded the contract to KemperSports after looking at several proposals. I noticed some changes right away at Nemadji, and more changes have occurred over time.

The tee times are spaced out better.

So what's different? You'll notice as soon as you go to the tee box at your tee time. One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you're golfing is to see that there are several groups waiting to tee off. From what I've gathered and noticed, Nemadji is running with 10-minute tee time intervals. That's a good thing. If people are on time, (please make sure you're on time), the flow of the game is great and you don't spend a lot of time waiting for the people in front of you. Some courses go as little as 5-minute intervals which is an absolute nightmare. I hope Nemadji keeps this 10-minute tee time going.

teeing off with golf club and golf ball

They may pair you up with other golfers.

This is something that nice courses do because they understand that the game flow is more important than you being nervous to golf with a stranger. Most golfers are pretty nice people, and just be sure to brush up on your golf etiquette. On a slow day, they may not pair you up. But if you're golfing on a busy day or on a weekend it's pretty likely. Who knows, you might make some new golf buddies.

They have active course marshalls. Keep your receipt.

You'll run into the course marshall, and they'll check in on you. When we got to the back nine this last Friday the marshall actually checked our tickets. He told us that he had already caught a few people that were trying to get in extra holes. So keep that in mind, and make sure you hang on to your receipt.

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New Restaurant and Menu At The Greens View Grille.

They've added a lot to the clubhouse restaurant. Before it was mostly quick turn-style meals like hot dogs or sloppy joes. Now they have a menu for this stand-alone restaurant that includes a lot of stuff. They're doing weekend brunches as well which have been a big hit. We scanned the QR code in the golf cart on hole #7 to get the menu and order a to-go meal for the back nine. It was pretty handy.

You can buy balls at the driving range now.

KemperSports now offers payment options right at the driving range, so you don't need to go into the clubhouse to get tokens. They also offer a fob that you can prepay for the range too. It's pretty nice.

It just feels like a bit nicer of a course.

I've always enjoyed Nemadji, but I got to say that I enjoy it a bit more now. It's more regulated now, and that's not a bad thing. A golf game that flows well is something that's important.

Nemadji always has been a course that's been in good shape as far as the conditions. That's remained the same, and I honestly haven't noticed too much of a difference there.

What do you think? Do you like the changes over the last 2 years?

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