According to recent findings from a private company, the Green Bay Packers could be in the top 10 of NFL's richest teams in the next 4 years. analyzed revenue of NFL teams from the years 2012-2020 to make their projections. The data was from Forbes, and a forecast function that predicts future revenue was used.

They've ranked what they expect the team incomes will be. At the top of the list will remain the Dallas Cowboys.  Their revenue in 2020 was $980,000,000. By 2025 they project the revenue will be $1,319,680,000.

Here's rounding out the top 10 Richest Teams by 2025

  1. Dallas Cowboys 1.3 billion
  2. New England Patriots 810 million
  3. San Francisco 49ers 739 million
  4. New York Giants 695 million
  5. Houston Texans 671 million
  6. Philadelphia Eagles 650 million
  7. Atlanta Falcons 642 million
  8. New York Jets 628 million
  9. Green Bay Packers 626 million
  10. Seattle Seahawks 610 million

The Minnesota Vikings are expected to come in 13 on the list with a predicted revenue of $608,750,000. Other regional teams in the NFC North include the Chicago Bears at 14, and the Detroit Lions at number 27 on the list.

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At the bottom of the list with the lowest revenue predicted is the Las Vegas Raiders with a projected $483,040,000. That's still a 100 million dollar increase from 2020. Here's the bottom five teams on the ranking.

  • Tennessee Titans 523 million
  • Indianapolis Colts 519 million
  • Cincinnati Bengals 516 million
  • Los Angeles Chargers 500 million
  • Las Vegas Raiders at 483 million

You can find the complete list from with more information on how they came up with these predictions. The Cowboys once again are expected to hit 1.3 billion in revenue, which will be the first time and NFL team has broke the billion dollar barrier.

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