There are several breeds of dogs that get a bad rap and are judged purely on negative stories people have heard about them.  They get labeled as a "bad breed" and in my opinion there is no such thing.  Poor training, ignorant owners, and lack of proper socialization create bad pups.  One such breed that gets that bad rap are Pitbulls.  They mean a lot to me as I used to have a Pit/Boxer mix and he was the sweetest hound.  One of those dogs that would hold the flashlight for someone robbing the house.  I was able to get him through a Pitbull rescue and I hopefully gave him a better home than he had come from.

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October is National Pitbull Awareness Month and there is a fundraiser to benefit The Minnesota Pitbull Rescue.  On Sunday, October 25th, from Noon-3:00PM it will be hosted at 7 West Miller Hill TapHouse.

For $25 you will get a burger or tacos with hand cut chips or fries, you'll also get a Lagunitas Beer and a gift bag.  There of course is a grand prize to win as well and you can purchase additional prize entries for just $10 with all of those proceeds going to The Minnesota Pitbull Rescue.  On-site there will also be various vendors with items for sale to benefit the cause.

7 West TapHouse is located at 2510 Maple Grove Road in Duluth, and you can get more information about this great rescue and other ways you can help out HERE.

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