A police chase that ended up on the highway with the suspect's car going up in flames had started earlier in Brooklyn Park. The police had received a call regarding a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood that matched the description of a vehicle where shots were fired with no injuries reported and the vehicle had sped away.

Officers found the vehicle and tried to pull it over but the suspect fled onto highway 100 where police used an intervention technique to stop the vehicle. By the looks of the video below it seems like the police used some type of spike strips as you can see sparks coming from the passenger side tire which is riding on the rims.

With a group of police officers right on the suspect's tail, he eventually loses control of the vehicle and pulls over to the side of the highway where the suspect's car begins to smoke profusely and eventually becomes fully engulfed in flames.

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The suspect got out of the car before it caught on fire and surrendered to police without incident according to a report. A 19-year-old Brooklyn Park man was arrested in the incident. Police officers found a firearm in the vehicle which was had been stolen from a home in Brooklyn Park that was left unattended with the keys inside of it.

The 19-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for many felony offenses. The incident caused a significant traffic delay which you can also see in the video below. Hopefully, nobody in that line of vehicles was low on gas as I am sure they were all stuck in traffic for quite a while. Thankfully nobody was injured in the pursuit. FOX 9 has more on this story.

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