Well, here's an interesting topic.  I know that even when Mother Nature calls, some people refuse to poop at work for various reasons.  This new app may make those people think twice about it because, why pinch a loaf at home for nothing when you can get paid to do it at work?

Poop Salary is a new, free app that will calculate how much you are getting paid to take the Browns to the Super Bowl at work.  It's based on a formula taking into account how much you make and how much time you spend at work once Mrs. Brown comes knocking on your back door.

Admit it, you bring your phone into the bathroom already to catch up on Facebook, manage your fantasy teams or call mom.  Now, you can use your phone to see how much you just got paid to drop wolf bait at work.  As you flush, make sure you thank the company!

You can find Poop Salary in your app store, and get full details below.


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