I never had the chance to see Queen with Freddie Mercury which I'll always be bummed about, and my interest level is minimal to see them with Adam Lambert.  I mean I would, but I wouldn't be willing to pay a fortune to see it.

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Thankfully there are plenty of tribute bands that do a pretty good job of continuing to share the legacy that is Queen's music.

One such tribute is The Crown Jewels - A Tribute to Queen.  The Minneapolis based group never disappoints and it's always a fun party when they play with all of the singing and dancing along you can handle.

The Crown Jewels are returning to Duluth on March 28th and while I know that's a ways out, last time they were here the show sold out, so get your tickets early if you plan to go.

They once again will be playing at the historic West Theater and tickets are under thirty bucks a piece.

Another great thing about this Tribute to Queen is they don't use any backing instrumental or vocal tracks.  I'm not slamming bands that do, but there is just something better about a group of people all bringing those songs to life without pre-recorded help.

If you want a night of fun with the music of Queen including the costumes, lights, and more, make sure you don't miss The Crown Jewels - A Tribute to Queen on their next stop in Duluth, Minnesota.

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