I bought a few accessories for my adventure bike this year, as during lockdown I kept my sanity by planning some fun motorcycle trips for this coming spring. One of the things I bought for my Suzuki V-Strom is a Kaokoo throttle lock. It works pretty great as I reviewed it earlier. The next essential thing I wanted was a handle bar mounted wireless charger for my phone.

The reason this would be so handy to have, is because not only could I keep my phone charged, but I could use the navigation on it and answer phone calls if need be with my blue tooth ear buds. I bought this bike new back in 2009, and back then phones weren't nearly as sophisticated as they are now.

I looked at several options for phone mounts and finally settled on the Ram Mounts Ram Quick Grip Wireless Charger w/ Charging Hardware. I found it online at Dennis Kirk. It's not cheap, it costs about $140.

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I did find some other cheaper versions of mounted chargers, but the devil is in the details. In the small print on a lot of them, you'll see that it doesn't come with the charging hardware, which makes it pretty pointless. Be sure to look for that.

Installation wasn't too bad. One complaint I did have was that I was missing a nut. Fortunately I had extras in my own workbench so it wasn't a big deal. It mounts relatively easy and quick with some standard tools like a socket and wrench set. I sat on the bike like I was riding it to find a position I liked.

Fortunately I also was in the process of replacing my air filter so I had the tank off anyway. There was plenty of cabling, so I routed the cables under the tank and used the black cable ties they supplied to secure it to the frame, all the way back to the battery. It was pretty easy.

So after putting everything together came the moment of truth. Would the wireless charger work on my iPhone 12? I slid the spring loaded base open and slapped my phone in. It's secure. Within about 2 seconds it started charging. That was a good feeling. It also has a disconnect button on the cable near the end so you can cut off the supply of power so you don't have to worry about draining your battery.

My initial review is it's a pretty good product. It works as advertised. Just make sure you tighten those nuts on the bracket down tight. I may have not as it did vibrate loose after a couple hundred miles. I may put some thread glue on those to prevent that from happening again.

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