Usually when a game like this comes out I wait several months to buy it, mostly because I don't play them often enough to make the early buying price worth it to me.  Red Dead 2 though with all of it's hype lured me in.  I sprang for the "Special Edition" which was about $20 more than the regular and seemed like it had some of the features I would enjoy, like free firearms and such.

First I found out how much storage space was needed, almost 100 gigs, so I had to delete some stuff as I only have the 500 gig PS4.  After clearing some space I waited for not too long actually as my internet was going fast and got it all downloaded.  I finally got into the game and expected some time to do their standard story missions to set it all up, but this took forever.  I understand it needing to show you controls and such but I just wanted to play the damn game.  I can't say exactly how long this intro crap took, maybe a hour, but it was too long in my book, I was ready to be done.

It finally opened up the game and let me be able to do more of what I wanted, explore and figure stuff out.  I'm only about 20% complete with the actual story line but I am enjoying it more now that the beginning stuff is done.  I do think the controls should be more responsive and faster, and it would be nice to not have to individually grab items when searching buildings.  Maybe that's more realistic, but it annoys me.

I will say that Red Dead 2 is not keeping my attention like other games have.  I'm just not as into it as I thought I would be.  Maybe that will get better as I play some more.  I hope it does, because I want to like this game, I just thought it would have lived up more to the hype.  Have you played it?  What do you think of it?

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