I've been talking about two craptastic videos from the 80's a lot lately on my show, so I figured I should share them with you here so that you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

The first one is 'Summertime Girls' by Y&T.  For some unknown reason, I've been getting requests for this song lately and I've said the only reason I'll play it is because of the video, which I've always found very funny.

How can you not appreciate a video where the guys are sporting true 80's hair while wearing things like a leather vest as they walk down the beach, then wear jeans while rocking out.  If you haven't worn a leather vest on the beach yet, you need to, and fast.

Even higher on the craptastic video scale, in fact in may be solidly in first place, is 'Rock Me Tonite' by Billy Squier.  In fact, many believe this video was responsible for ruining Billy Squier's career.

Before this video was released, everyone loved Billy. His songs were cool.  He had big hits like 'The Stroke', 'Everybody Wants You' and 'My Kinda Lover'.  In fact, this song itself was his biggest hit. The video, however, is historic for all the wrong reasons.

Billy bought in to the video concept and gave it his all, perhaps way too much as you'll in with his dance moves, and his career would never be same moving forward.  It doesn't take away from his catalog of songs, but I bet Squier wishes the video age had never arrived. Enjoy!

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