The latest album from Robert Plant was released last year and it's titled "Carry Fire".  Since the release he has been on the road to support said album and currently is on an overseas run with his next show in Istanbul.

The album has been rated 9 out of 10 by many a critic and after my second listen through I'd agree it's pretty solid the whole way through.  I've always been a Zeppelin fan though and though his solo work hasn't always mirrored his early style and sound, I still dig it.

Plant has released a new video to go along with a song from "Carry Fire", the video is for "New World".  The song and video go to show Plant's support for, and with they video they went animated and make some pretty powerful statements.

I still haven't seen Robert Plant live but I hope to the next time he is near, hopefully he keeps with his pattern of more or less touring regularly.  What do you think of his latest album?


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