When forming a band, who doesn't dream of writing one song that comes to define the group, standing as one of the most impactful and time-tested tunes in rock history? In this Loud List, we're looking at 10 rock acts who fulfilled this mission statement and grew to dread that very song!

Nirvana's angsty anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit" has served as an instant adrenaline rush for more than two decades and helped catapult the grunge band's status, making Kurt Cobain the face of the then budding genre. While arenas packed with thousands of fans eagerly awaited this song every night, Cobain often dreaded the moment he'd have to kick into that immortal opening riff.

While it's hard for fans to comprehend, let's look at this from the artist's perspective for a moment. Sure, having an all-time hit is difficult to just denounce, but with legendary acts like not only Nirvana, but Dio and Queen among others, there's a lot that happens in the studio that never comes to light. Producers may have steered a sound in a particular direction, changed the arrangement or a myriad of other circumstances that would have found a band's vision compromised.

Other tunes started out a bit cheeky and the joke went too far with this non-intentional song now becoming synonymous with the band name. Some artists may just grown sick of the song, having played it thousands and thousands of times in rehearsal and onstage and the magic is just gone.

Whatever their reasons are, we may not understand them, but it's a curious look into a surprising facet of a band's inner workings, knowing they had to proudly and confidently play these songs for their fans regardless. Watch the video above to see 10 Rockers Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs!

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