Just in time for me trying to get back to the gym and lose weight I go into work early to talk on a sister station's morning show and what do they give me?  A whole pack of the new Rocky Road Trip Oreos.  Usually by the time I get in, these demo packs we are given are gone or 1 or 2 is left and they have been out in the open for the whole day, because closing a pack is hard for some staff.

Now, I'm the kind of guy that if left around or out, a pack of anything sweet will usually disappear quite quickly.  I'll justify it usually by telling myself that going to the gym tomorrow will make a difference, knowing damn well that it won't.

So while still at the station I opened them up to give them a try and ended up only having 2, 2 whole Rocky Road Trip Oreos.  I then set the pack on the table in our break room and left.  Were they good?  They were, okay I suppose.  Most of the novelty attempts that Oreo has made have been fair at best in my opinion, stick to the original or the double stuff, that's my two sense unless you really do like chocolate, it's worth trying a pack to see what you think.

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