The Rolling Stones' summer spent recording 1972's Exile on Main St. will be the focus of a new movie directed by Andy Goddard of Downton Abbey fame. According to Deadline, the filmmakers are currently looking for actors to portray Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, with the hope of beginning the shoot this winter.

Initial sessions for Exile on Main St. were held at Richards' house in Nellcote, in the south of France, after the Rolling Stones' frustration with high taxes drove them from England. “There was a feeling you were being edged out of your own country," Richards said later. “Basically, I think that the Stones really felt like exiles. It’s us against the world now: f--- you. That was the attitude, you know.”

These 1971 basement recordings, which saw Richards descend into drug abuse as various band members floated in and out, were as voluminous as they were disorganized. Producer Jimmy Miller even filled in for Charlie Watts on drums several times. “There wasn’t a master plan," Jagger has admitted. "We just accumulated a lot of material, knowing we would use it one day.”

A second round of sessions in Los Angeles, which lasted from the winter of 1971 into the early part of 1972, finally completed Exile on Main St. – which has since been hailed as a classic. The legend of its creation has grown by equal measure, as highlighted in the book Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones by Robert Greenfield.

The screenplay for this new Stones film, based on Greenfield's book, is being handled by Brandon and Philip Murphy.

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