Metallica's Black album is one that you can put on and just let it roll without skipping any of the songs.  It's a solid rock album through and through.  The 5th single to be released from that album was "Sad but True" and it's pretty much a staple of most rock stations and has been for years.

Metallica was touring in support of their "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" album and even though there is new music to be played you can't skip the classics.  At a show back in May, in Sweden Metallica not only rocked "Sad but True" but they also filmed it from a 360 degree standpoint.  This is a concert view that fans usually don't get unless it's displayed on a jumbotron.

Their WorldWired tour will continue on, kicking back off in the states in September with a show in Madison, Wisconsin.  Until then, check out this video of "Sad but True":

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