Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are currently on tour together, this is the second time the pair have exclusively toured as the "Twins of Evil".  Unfortunately in the world of performing live, on occasion, a performer falls too ill to perform.  At a recent stop on the "Twins of Evil-The Second Coming Tour" in Canada, Marilyn Manson called in sick.

Fans who were there to specifically see Manson were offered a refund if they left before Zombie took the stage.  Rob Zombie did though what I would hope most performers would, but I have seen a few not, and that's to step up and do an extended set.

Not only did Rob Zombie play for longer than he was slated for, he also covered "Helter Skelter" on his own which him and Manson recently covered together.  As another bonus, Rob covered Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams".

You can get tour dates as of now, here.

What do you think of Zombie's cover or "Sweet Dreams"?


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