The last few days in the Twin Ports have made many of us feel like spring is here.  With temps in some areas reaching the mid 40s, it's hard to not get excited for the snow to disappear so we can come out of hibernation.  Though as a life-long resident of the area, I know that winter is still a ways from being over.

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I saw some motorcycles on the road yesterday, and it brings up the question of if it's a good idea to start your motorcycle that's stored for winter?  People will argue back and forth over this and it really comes down to how you store your bike, and if you are just starting it in the garage for a few minutes, or if you are actually taking it out to get some miles on it.

I've always been the guy who parks it and pretty much leaves it at that.  The sand and salt on the road are enough for me to not want to get it out early, even if there is a warm snap.  Starting a bike every month or so that's sat in a garage or shed in the cold can cause extra condensation buildup in the pipes and in the long run might not be all that bad for the bike, but I don't like putting the strain on it, especially since we know that bikes are not cheap.  Starting your bike just to idle is also known to strip oil from critical components that help your engine run, namely the cylinders and pistons.

Most people put their bike away for winter and go through the work of winterizing it, so my two cents is to just let it be.  Unless you're one of the few that can store it in a heated space that also is going to get some miles on it throughout the cold months, it's just not worth it for potential long term damage.

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