Love all things that go bump in the night? This just may be the side gig for you.

MagellanTV is looking for one lucky person to watch 24 hours worth of true crime documentaries in exchange for $1,000 bucks. Here's the kicker: you have to document the entire thing on your social media channels and watch all the materials within a 48-hour period.

If you do just that, you will get the chunk of change, a one-year membership to MagellanTV AND three memberships for your family and friends, good for three months.

You will have to watch sixteen different documentaries, ranging from 45 minutes long to five hours in length. Topics cover everything from Jonestown to Columbine to crimes that made history.

Applying is easy - you just have to fill out a quick form. I am OBSESSED with true crime so this is as good as it gets.

This is a new trend with streaming services and online sites. Recently, announced they were searching for five lucky people to watch the Harry Potter movies and document it on social media. I love it!

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