Although some services have been open in limited capacities, June 1 will mark an important milestone for St. Louis County offices:  That's the date that their offices will full-reopen to the general public - representing the first time since the pandemic started that that will be the case.

The main county buildings - including government service centers and courthouses - have already been open for specific services.  As of June 1, all departments will be open and available for walk-in service from the general public during normal office hours - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

There are a few restrictions, however.  Most importantly, "[a]nyone coming to a St. Louis County Courthouse for court matters should be aware that these services follow a Minnesota Supreme Court order that limits some in-person services through June 13."

In regards to face masks, they're not needed to enter county buildings and aren't required to be worn.  However, anyone who isn't fully vaccinated yet is encouraged to continue wearing a mask.  Facial coverings are still required inside the county jail, in accordance with current state orders.  They're also required inside courtrooms and court offices in accordance with the current judicial order.

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While the offices have reopened and the general public is able to go inside for the services they need, other gates of access will be maintained for those who are more-comfortable using those routes.  Online, phone, and email access points will continue to be offered.  Visit St. Louis County's COVID-19 landing page for complete information and for the necessary links.

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