Star Trek: Picard came out 8 weeks ago on CBS All Access.  I actually only subscribe to CBS All Access because of the current Star Trek offerings.  Their first was Star Trek: Discovery, and now Picard.  They have announced two or three other Star Trek shows they are working on.  For me, it's worth the $5.99 a month.

The down side is, in this day and age with the binge watching some of us are accustomed to, episodes only getting released every week kind of sucks now.  On Thursday episode 8 of the brand new series was released.  I figure it's a good time to throw out a review, especially if you've been on the fence with subscribing just for one show.

So far the series has been good.  If you at all were a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you should like this show.  It's a much more modern take on the now feeling pretty dated Next Generation.  There is bad language, it's edgier and more gritty, and even a bit more gory.  It ties in characters from other Star Trek shows like Voyager, and Deep Space Nine too.  At only 8 episodes in, it's brought back plenty of familiar faces.  The story takes you back to familiar alien races from the past shows, and shows what Starfleet has become over 20 years of time since Picard was Captain of the Enterprise.

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All in all, I'm hooked and it's sounding like a second season is a for sure thing.  Well worth the money every month in my book.  Have you seen it?  What do you think?


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