Are you one of many Americans working from home right now? If you are, you may want to listen up!

WalletHub recently released a new study, ranking states across the country for how easy / successful it is to work remotely there. This is timely news amid COVID-19 coronavirus forcing many to work from home as businesses temporarily shut their doors.

So what were the results? It turns out Minnesota is one of the best states for remote work, coming in at number 13. Wisconsin didn't fare quite as well, coming in as the 33rd best state for working from home.

To get the results of the study, WalletHub looked at several different factors including internet access across households, cybersecurity levels, price of electricity, internet cost and more. Minnesota and Wisconsin didn't land in the top five or the bottom five for any of the factors listed above.

Delaware, New Hampshire and Washington are the best states to live in if you are working remotely. Hawaii and Alaska are the worst states to live on if you're working from home.

Hopefully we can all return to work soon!

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