We've all been doing a lot of extra snacking during quarantine, no doubt. That is why this study comes at the perfect time.

Zippia.com released a study mid-July, just in time for National Junk Food Day on the 21st. They used Google Trends to find out which states loved which snacks. This is very important stuff after all.

It is important to note that things like gum and pop were excluded just to keep things simple. The findings here were narrowed down to the most popular types of chips, cookies and candies. Yum!

So which snacks to Minnesotans prefer over all others? Apparently, Minnesotans love Snickers! There is no doubt Snickers is a delicious type of candy but I was a little surprised that over all snacks, this was the one we chose over all others.

Wisconsin also prefers candy as the favored snack. Wisconsin residents love Twix! This is also a solid choice but I can't help but be a little shocked at this one, too. I would have thoughts Wisconsinites would love chips or something of that nature, along with their neighbors to the west.

Taking a quick glance at the map provided showed me that we aren't alone in our love for candy. A good majority of states love candy over all other snacks. Another thing that caught my eye? The fact that there are only a handful of "healthy" snacks or snacks that have some nutritional value across the country.

Is anyone else hungry now?! I know I am. Let's celebrate National Junk Food Day all month!

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