Southern California's Sugar Ray headlined Friday night's entertainment tent festivities for Grandma's Marathon, bringing an energetic and nostalgic show to a crowd of hundreds. On an evening where you could see your breath (with temperatures around 50 degrees), lead singer Mark McGrath paid homage to the "hearty" crowd a handful of times, even paying homage to Fran Tarkenton and the Minnesota Vikings during the set.

While the band focused largely on the hits they're most known for, they included a new song  called "What The World Needs" set for an upcoming album later this year. Also in the mix was "Mean Machine" from the band's debut harder rock album "Lemonade and Brownies" and covers of The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop", Violent Femmes' "Blister In The Sun", and EMF's "Unbelievable". Among their hits in the set were songs like "Someday", "Every Morning", Answer The Phone", "Falls Apart", and "When It's Over". The band closed their set with the song that put them on the map, "Fly".

McGrath's charismatic engagement with the crowd added to the fun musical romp through the 90s. He spent time between songs discussing things like his family, the band's previous performance in Duluth a few years ago, and even welcomed a child on the stage from the crowd that he called out a couple times during the set.

Sugar Ray - Grandma's Marathon 2018

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