The anonymous "threat of violence" that was received at the Superior Senior High School this morning came from Flagstaff, Arizona.  Here is the statement released by Superintendent Jana Stevens - via the School Messenger service to parents:

“Good morning, this is an update from Superintendent Stevens on what happened at the High School this morning.


All students were checked prior to coming into the building and are safely in classes at this time.


We have determined that the threat of violence against the high school was made by a person in Flagstaff, Arizona.


We’re thankful to the students that brought this information forward and are thankful that this threat is resolved.


Thank you and have a great day.”

As reported earlier, shortly after the 8:00 AM school bell, a message went out to parents from the Superior Senior High School.  At that time they said that they had operated to investigate an "anonymous threat of violence against the high school".  Upon arrival this morning, students backpacks were searched before they were allowed to enter the building.

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