Suspect208, the new alt-rock band featuring the sons of Slash, Rob Trujillo and Scott Weiland, have just debuted a music video for the second song, "All Black."

The group, starring Slash's son London Hudson on drums, Trujillo's son Tye on bass and Weiland's son Noah on vocals as well as guitarist Niko Tsangaris, dropped their first song, "Long Awaited" in November. It presented a rough, garage rock sound warped by heavy distortion effects that offered an otherworldly sound.

On "All Black," Suspect208 come off a bit more polished in their approach with a less fuzzed-out song that still retains elements of that caked-on grime we first heard. The freewheeling nature of "Long Awaited" is countered here by an ironclad groove from Hudson and Trujillo, that keeps everything grounded as Weiland's vocals take flight into the ether.

Lyrically, "All Black" is centered around what plenty late teens and young adults are concerned with — intimate relationships and romanticizing the very concept of romance itself.

Watch the video for Suspect208's "All Black" below.

Suspect208, "All Black" Music Video

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