London Road Accident Details
Tragedy struck along London Road in Duluth Tuesday as a pedestrian was struck and killed. The name of the victim has been released and the driver is in custody.
Duluth School Bus Involved In Accident On Grand Avenue [Pics]
While on air this morning, the Breakfast Club received several calls from listeners reporting an accident on Grand Avenue in Duluth involving a school bus and two vehicles.  Ken and I passed this information along hoping to divert traffic from that area while awaiting word from the authorities of what happened.  Here are further details and pictures from the Duluth Police Department:
Car Appears to Intentionally Turn Into Riders at Tour De France [VIDEO]
During high-profile bike races like the Tour de France, there are often official cars driving fairly close to the riders, raising the specter of an accident. But the collision that took place during the Tour Monday, between a car carrying members of a French television crew and riders Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland, didn't quite look like an accident.

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