SNL: Fred Armisen’s ‘Dead Poets Society’ Spoof Is Weirder Than You Could Possibly Imagine
SNL vet Fred Armisen returned to Studio 8H this weekend to host the Season 41 finale, and as you might expect, things got pretty weird. In between delivering the longest, most delightfully strange monologue in recent memory and reviving a couple of fan-favorite characters, Armisen starred in this pre-recorded spoof of Dead Poets Society. Riffing on a 27-year-old drama is certainly unexpected, but not nearly as unexpected as what happens at the end of this thing.
SNL Digs Up the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Screen Tests You Never Thought You’d See
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens less than a month away from release and anticipation reaching a feverish level unseen in movie fans since 1999, the timing is right for SNL to gently skewer the upcoming sequel. The sketch is really just an excuse for the cast to break out a bunch of impersonations they’ve obviously been keeping in their back pockets while letting them interact with actual Star Wars cast members, but c’mon, that’s all the excuse you need, really.
2015 Fall TV Preview: The 30 New Premieres You Can’t Miss
More and more each year, TV executives quake in their stylish, yet affordable boots over the exponential increase in peak TV, even as us ravenous viewers eagerly take it all in. Fall 2015 is no exception, cramming your DVR with everything from superheroes new and old, to Scream-ing gore-fests, animated staples and so much more. You’d need some sort of … television … guidance … periodical to navigate it all, but because we love you, we’ve compiled over 30 of Fall 2015's biggest must-see premieres. Remember to sleep, and take in the onslaught of fall 2015's TV madness by our full preview!
‘SNL’ Skit About Ray Lewis Crying Made Ray Lewis Cry
Ray Lewis, NFL linebacker and the center of a lot of the focus surrounding the 2013 Super Bowl, is a very, uh, emotional guy. He screams and shouts and dances and is prone to crying. Naturally, with the Super Bowl approaching, 'SNL' took notice of this and included a bit on Weekend Update that featured an overly emotional Ray Lewis (Kenan Thompson) who can't stop crying. Ray Lewis himself saw it a
Eli Manning and 10 Other Pro Athletes With ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosting Gigs
Football star Eli Manning is set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on May 5, making him the latest athlete to step off the field and in front of the comedy show’s cameras. We’re all waiting to see if his quarterbacking skills, which led the New York Giants to another Super Bowl victory this year, will serve him well in front of the late-night audience. But looking back on all the pro athletes who’ve p

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