No Promises
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Kentucky big man Karl-Anthony Towns tells The Associated Press he has "no promise at all" from the Minnesota Timberwolves, who hold the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft on Thursday.
"Taking a Shot to Win a Title"
UNDATED (AP) — Andrei Kirilenko took a $7 million pay cut when he opted out of a deal with the Timberwolves to play for the Brooklyn Nets and Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov.
Vanilla Ice To Perform at Timberwolves Halftime
Stop, collaborate, and listen! Ice may be off many Minnesota lakes, but it will be on the court at Target Center Friday night during halftime for the game against the visiting Boston Celtics. The Timberwolves announced (with what seemed like sincere excitement) that 80's and 90's hip hop star Vanill…
Rubio Worth The Two Year Wait
Last night I went to my first Timberwolves game since the Kevin Garnett era. One thing that caught me off guard was that Target Canter was almost sold-out given the fact we were playing one of the best teams in the league the Chicago Bulls, but Even the upper deck was full. Another thing is Rubio ma…
Are The Minnesota Timberwolves on The Rise?
This week I am taking a different route then normal. I decided that the past few weeks of bashing Minnesota teams was getting old, so this week it will be all about the good things in Minnesota. Today might be the first time you have heard the name Timberwolves and the word buzz in the same sentence…
Minnesota Wins a Championship? Lynx Bring it Home
Let me be the first sports writer in the state of Minnesota to say congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx. Minnesota has been waiting patently for this time to come, so all you Minnesota sports fans celebrate because the way our other sports teams look right now this could be the only bright spot for…

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