UMD Named "Hottest College in the Country"
The Northland is nationally known for many things, most of them related to cold. Many hockey legends grew up here, we regularly make the national news for being one of the coldest places in the country - well, you get the idea.
Man Up and Help the Ladies Celebrate Decembeaver!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again-- Movember is our favorite time of year. There's nothing like a month full of hardy 'stache-growing to bring us men together in a weird, hairy way. However, this whole lady tickler love fest does leave our ladies on the outside. There's no way we'd let ou…
Being Surrounded by Women Could Actually Save You Money
If you paid attention in high school economics, you already know the theory of supply and demand: the more of something there are, the less value they have. Seems the same thing applies to dating, because new research shows men are more likely to spend money on a woman if he thinks she’s his one sho…
The 7 Craziest Women in WWE History
There’s something about a girl in a mini-skirt skipping around a wrestling ring that’s very appealing to males. Whether you’re into her looks, her character or you just dig crazy chicks, A.J. is the most popular female — perhaps, the most popular…

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