I enjoy just about anything motorcycle related and have been riding for about 16 years or so now.  Even before that time though I have known several people who lost their lives because of a distracted or inattentive driver hitting them while they were doing what they enjoy.

Not only is the whole month of May, Motorcycle Awareness Month but also there is a annual Motorcycle Awareness Rally that happens in Superior, WI.  This year it takes place on Sunday, May 5th at Campbell Lumber located at 3107 Tower Avenue.

They invite you to bring your family and friends to join them in taking a stand on the sidewalk to alert the public that motorcyclists are back on the road.  This event happens rain or shine.  You can get more information if needed by calling 715-919-0270.  Even if you can't attend and hang out, give them a honk if you are in the area and are driving by to show them your support.

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