Around 400 furloughed employees from the DECC have been permanently laid off. Some employees have been working at the DECC for a few months to some who have worked there for decades. So many business nationwide have been facing this same dilemma, but locally this is a big hit for so many families.

Currently the DECC is losing about $200,000 a month and if this continues they could be in the red about $2 million by the Spring of 2021. Originally the DECC employed about 500 people both full and part time, but this past Spring they had to furlough almost all their employees, due to the massive financial strain from lost revenue.

The DECC is now down to just 50 employees after permanently letting go all the ones that were furloughed. Interim Executive Director Roger Reinert said to FOX21:

It’s trying to manage a really difficult financial situation at the DECC. It’s also about being transparent with people who are trying to figure out their lives. It’s difficult to tell people to hang with us in this temporary, suspended category when really those jobs are gone.

Most of the jobs being eliminated were part time positions at The William A. Irvin and Amsoil Arena. It seems so Ironic with the Irvin especially, now it is finally back where it belongs and because of the Pandemic the "Haunted Ship" had to be canceled 2 years in a row which is a big money generator for the DECC. And the regular tour schedule of the William A. Irvin was delayed this Summer because of the Pandemic.

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The DECC is not able to get any assistance such as payroll protection because it is an organization that is supported by the federal government but operated privately. With so many events being canceled, weddings being delayed and sporting event season cut short it is no wonder the DECC and Amsoil Arena are in dire straits.

Reinert has pitched a plea to the general public asking for ideas of how they can use the 800,000 foot space. And he said no matter how wild an idea it is he will consider everything as long as it is safe and stays within the pandemic guidelines.

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