I've been doing my best to stay off of social media the past few days, I had noticed more and more how much time I spent scrolling and basically just wasting time.  In being off of it I missed some news that I actually would have liked to have heard.  I was in a group text that I half ignored that mentioned Vinnie Paul but in my glancing as I usually do with group texting I didn't realize he had passed away.

I got into Pantera later than some of my friends but always appreciated what they were and what they did, between Dimebag's guitar skills, Phil's vocals and that hard hitting drumming from Vinnie, you can't go wrong.  I'll get hell for this but I'm actually even a bigger fan of HELLYEAH than I am of Pantera and Vinnie pounded the drums for them too.

I only got to see Vinnie Paul behind his kit one time and that was at a HELLYEAH show not too long ago and I really had hoped to catch them again because the sound was so quiet you could damn near talk without shouting and hear the person next to you.  Not how a metal show should be.  So I'm bummed.  Bummed because we don't have many groups cranking out original and good material anymore.  Bummed for his family and close friends.  Bummed for the world of rock and metal.  Another legend has passed on and the super group in the sky or wherever they are gained another soldier of metal.

Rock in Peace, Vinnie Paul!

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