The COVID-19 global pandemic completely changed life for most of us in at least little ways.

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Obviously I can't speak about everyone, but millions of people had to learn to work remotely.  Others had to learn to work with less co-workers to aid them in their normal job activities, and many even were completely off of work for many months.  In addition to work life being thrown into chaos, that went hand in hand with kids being off of school, so the stress was double on in dealing with new work routines and figuring out childcare.

For me, some of my work became remote, but I also do emergency response for an environmental firm in addition to radio.  That gig didn't really change much for me, other than wearing a mask all over the place.  Things are opened up now for the most part and work life is going to back normal or a new normal for many.  What I dislike about that is the traffic on the road.


Yes, I hated wearing a mask, and I hated how places were closed early or not open at all.  What I loved though, was the lack of traffic on the roads.  For a guy with some road rage that's better than it used to be, it was so nice to be driving around with it feeling like an apocalyptic ghost town everywhere.  Of course the few people on the roads still didn't know how to use their blinkers or drive a speed they should, or have any common sense behind the wheel.  There being less of that though, was a dream for someone like me.  So as we exit the pandemic, I miss the lack of traffic but I'm excited to have concerts in my life, and most other things back to normal.

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