When you buy one of these it says on the manual that it may cause fires. It warns you how dangerous it can be and for people living in the Northland, this appliance can be used quite often. It's not your coffee maker.

It's your toaster! Mostly because people don't pay attention to the toaster. If you think about it, it's a little electric heater that you put slices of bread to be cooked in. It states on some instructions that you shouldn't stick your fingers or utensils into it. Yet, I have done that because a slice of bread gets stuck.

According to Select Safety, you should never put your toaster on its side, that voids any warranty that toaster has. They also recommend you unplug your toaster. Another thing to remember is to clean your toaster constantly and keep your toaster new. When your toaster gets old sometimes the little coils come loose and light the toast on fire.

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According to Law Ha Ha, don't operate your toaster in a heated oven or microwave. Really? Yes. Comedian James Gregory says that warnings wouldn't be there if someone hadn't tried it already. Who would say I should put this toaster in my oven, then operate it to have some toast. It also says to put the topping (butter or jam) on after toasting.  The last one I am going to bring up is "Don't operate a toaster in a bathtub". You see it in the movies and on TV, it's totally true, it can electrocute you.

Something else to think about. According to Safe Select, if you operate a toaster underneath a cabinet, it dries out the wood underneath the cabinet and can become a fire hazard. You should put the toaster out from the wall and then toast your bread.

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The instructions also say to unplug your toaster when you leave the house, sleep, or leave the kitchen. Toasters have been known to spark and start a fire. Do you really need to do that? Yes, Select Safety says your toaster can spark if there are loose wires and the power cord is just soldered very lightly

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