As far as frozen pizzas go there are so many options available now, thick and thin crusts, stuffed crusts, so many topping options, and even gluten free varieties.  Some are great, some not so great, and for some the pricing is getting a little ridiculous.

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On the lower end of the pricing spectrum two brands generally come to my mind, one is Jack's, and the other is Tombstone.  Both are products from a company most people have heard of, Nestlé.  Tombstone however didn't start with Nestlé, it was originally created in Medford, Wi by Joseph "Pep" Simek Sr., and Ron Simek.

They owned a bar across the way from a cemetery and thus came up with the name "Tombstone" for their pizza.  Eventually the product was sold giving us the product we can purchase today in our grocer's freezer section.

Fast forward to many years later and Pep's Drafthaus Original Pizza was released.  From what I understand, it's the original Tombstone recipe from back in the day, and I can tell you, the crust is certainly almost identical to a frozen Tombstone.

Pep's Taproom Double Pizza- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Pep's Taproom Double Pizza- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I picked up one called "The Taproom Double" from Belknap Liquor of all places, mostly because I saw the list of toppings.  Shredded mozzarella, sauce, Italian sausage, sliced mozzarella, sliced pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, diced pepperoni, and provolone cheese.  It sounded like a nap and couldn't pass it up.


The overload of toppings did not disappoint, it was like a Tombstone but times 3 for what they piled on.  Is a Pep's the best frozen pizza I've had? No, but it sure was good and if you're looking for a bar type pizza you can make at home, pick one up where you can find them.

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