Minnesota is home to 853 cities and one of them is claiming to be the 'Miami of Minnesota'.

Yes, Miami is a major city down in Florida with a population of over 400,000 people. However, one city in the Land of 10,000 lakes claims to be somewhat similar to Miami right here in Minnesota. What city could that be?

Located in Southeastern Minnesota, the town of Winona has claimed that moniker. Now Winona has nowhere near the same population as the coastal metropolis, but it does have a population of roughly 25,000. There's no ocean, but the city is located off the mighty Mississippi River.

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Apparently it's an inside joke and the Minnesota city decided to make it into a fun online advertisement. The ad showed a woman in a swim suit with an inflatable flamingo around her waist, and two men with swimsuits with a snowy Minnesota background and the words in pink and blue that say "Winona, The Miami Of Minnesota".

If you go to the city's website, here is how they describe the city:

The perfect blend of cool urbanity and old world charm surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Yes, one city can really have it all. Lucky us and lucky you too.


So how did this nickname come along? According to Visit Winona’s Marketing Specialist Cynthya Porter:

Winona is the warmest place in Minnesota, according to Weather Almanac, so we like to think that our extra three degrees (on average) make us a little extra balmy here… When it’s zero degrees, we’ll take anything, right?

Winona and Miami also happened to both be located in the Southeastern corners of their state. Maybe Winona is the Miami of Minnesota after all. Check out a video of what the city looks like during the summer below:

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