Tommy Lee was blown away by the success of The Dirt and how it not only brought Motley Crue a new generation of fans, but legitimately resurrected the band from self-imposed retirement. In this interview, Lee talks about the movie being stuck in development hell, how bands can’t get away with the same stuff they did in the ‘80s and his new solo album Andro.

After talking about choosing who to collaborate with for Andro, Lee spoke about Post Malone naming a song after him. “It’s so fucking weird and cool and full circle,” Lee says. “He loves rock ’n’ roll music. He just played two hours of Nirvana covers and fucking killed it. When the guys approached me, like, ‘We’ve got this song ‘Tommy Lee’’ … Of course I want to remix it!”

As for The Dirt, Tommy says one of the coolest things about the movie is getting to expose Gen Z to the 1980s. “Pretty much globally they say, ‘What a fucking rad time to live in, man. Fuck, we missed it.’ That was a time where everyone ran shit ’til the wheels fell off. There were no cell phones, no cameras, you could get away with murder, dude. Literally, murder, and it wouldn’t be on Instagram the next day.”

“The movie came out and, all of a sudden, we get calls about doing a fucking stadium tour. We weren’t really fucking thinking about that and we were like, ‘Well fuck, we’ve never done a stadium tour, that’s fucking insane. So we said yes and then they put tickets on sale and the fucking thing just sells out everywhere. I was fuckin’ walking around pinching myself going, ‘What? This is fucking weird.’”

Watch our exclusive chat with Tommy Lee below and be sure to pre-order Andro by clicking here.

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