The Travel Channel's “Destination Fear” came to Nopeming and investigated. They used local talent to help with the stories.

"Destination Fear" talked to Twin Ports Paranormal's Stefan Nowaq (Harley).
who filled them in on the stories surrounding the old hospital and sanitorium. He tells them things that have happened that they caught. I like it because it sets the stage for the investigation

Destination Fear spends the night and endures whatever happens. The show debuted on Wednesday, April 29th  on the Travel Channel. Destination Fear is made up of brother and sister duo, Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, and their best friend Tanner Wiseman, plus, they bring a camera operator Alex Schroeder.

They take their RV and go to places that are reputed to be haunted by other teams or local investigators. This time they used Twin Ports Paranormal. I wish they would use the groups to investigate on other shows too. sometimes that group has been in there and knows the shortcuts to help the national shows navigate better and look at the hot spots first.

I've been through this building before and it is everything it is cracked up to be. There are all kinds of spirits in the building. There was a lot of things we couldn't prove but we all had personal experiences in there.

Here's one of the things that didn't make it to the episode. ***There is some language.***

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