The truth is out there or maybe I should say "up there" as a new security cam video from Columbia, Missouri shows a weird UFO that seems to be pulsating.

Here's how the person who shared the security cam video described what they saw:

Glowing light spotted on security cam which initially appeared to be over our cul-de-sac. rapidly shot south, began climbing and pulsating

I have to confess at first glance I thought it was an conventional aircraft and the beacon was what you always see blinking on the bottom. But, the more I watch this the less I think that's the case. The light now appears to be pulsating and varying in intensity. See what you think.

The official MUFON report says this happened the night of October 5, 2021 in Columbia, Missouri. The rapid southward movement also doesn't seem like a conventional aircraft being operated.

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If you'd like to understand what regular plane beacon navigational lights mean, this video is very helpful.

At the very least, the brightness of whatever is in the sky over Columbia looks more intense than a regular plane to me.

What do you think? Just a plane showing up extra bright on a home security cam or something else entirely? If it is otherworldly, what are its intentions? Peaceful or maybe not?

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