A pack of almost all Black wolves were caught on camera walking on a trail in Minnesota, which happens to be an extremely rare occurrence.

According to the International Wolf Center, Minnesota's percentage of black wolves is currently estimated at 1.5 to 2 percent. Also according to the center, wolves with black fur have always been a rare occurrence in northeastern Minnesota. during the late 1960s, Dr. L. David Mech found that 3.6 percent of the wolves he observed were black. However, in places like Yellowstone National Park, about half the wolf population is black.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project shared the video on their YouTube page. In the video description, they also quoted the estimated percentage of black wolves in Minnesota and went on to say "Of course, this is not to say it does not happen, but rather that it is definitely not the norm."

According to Minnesota's DNR, There are about 2,699 wolves in Minnesota as of 2019. That's way up from 1,235 way back in 1979. Wolf packs generally consist of a mated pair and their offspring and a wolf pack territory averages about 50-60 square miles.

Check out the video below of the beautiful rare occurrence. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, no this is not Padfoot (Sirius Black) and his family.


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