Minnesota Department of Transportation cameras caught a scary incident on Interstate-35 in Minnesota.

The YouTube page MN Crime shared the video. They stated that the pickup truck was vacant and abandoned in the middle lane of the freeway. This happened on I-35 near Forest Lake (about 127 miles away from Duluth).

According to Kare11, Minnesota State Patrol stated that the pickup truck was disabled after it hit a deer. The driver then left the vehicle, but put their hazard lights on. The driver was on the side of the road when a semi-truck smashed right through it.

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As seen in the video, you can see the truck just sitting in the middle of the freeway. Then here comes a semi-truck that gives the pickup no mercy as it smashes right into it. The pickup gets sent flying over to the off-ramp and bursts into flames after nearly hitting another car. The semi on the other hand heads over to the grassy area either hitting a pole or almost hitting a pole.

Looks like no one was injured, but I don't think the pickup is coming back from that one.

MN Crime via YouTube
MN Crime via YouTube

Could you imagine being the owner of the pickup or the driver of the semi? How scary! You can see in the video of a man running towards the pickup as it is engulfed in flames. I can only assume it was the owner. Check out the video below:

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