Ozzy Osbourne is a rock legend who has seemingly done, and drank, it all.  That he is still touring is amazing based on the lifestyle he has lived.  This cool video captures the many different looks Ozzy has had over nearly 50 years.   

I've seen him in concert multiple times, by favorite being during the No More Tours tour, which came to Minneapolis July 2, 1992.

That show was amazing, and my friends and I were lucky enough to be in the row that guitarist Zakk Wylde appeared in during his solo.  Out of nowhere a spotlight hit our row and there was Zakk playing lights-out a few seats to my right.  I patted him on the back, women did more, and he rocked out for awhile before running back towards the stage.

Ozzy returns to Minnesota this Friday, outdoors at Treasure Island Resort & Casino.  While he isn't the showman he was (cut him some slack, he turns 69 in December!) it's good to have him still out there.

Here is the man from young rocker to legend.


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