The Social Security Administration released the most popular baby names across the United States and the Minnesota top names are surprisingly similar.

According to the official Social Security website, the top name for a baby girl in Minnesota for 2017 was Olivia. That also matches up well nationally, as Olivia was the second most popular baby name behind Emma. The rest of the top 5 popular baby girl names in order are; Evelyn, Emma, Charlotte and Nora.

On the other side, Oliver takes the crown for Minnesota as the top baby boy name for 2017. We must really like that name in Minnesota, because it was only the 9th most popular baby name in the United States. Rounding out the top 5 for baby boys was William, Henry, Liam and Theodore. All pretty traditional names outside Liam. Nationally, Liam is the most popular, snapping the four year streak of Noah being the most popular baby boy name in the United States.


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