Most hospitals are in it to make money, we all know that and it's nothing new.  We still need hospitals and some though of course money making driven, do a decent job of taking care of their staff and patients.  So, what's with the "Patients Before Profits" signs I've been seeing in yards?

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The one I snapped a photo of is actually in the front yard of my Parent's house.  My mother is a nurse and has been for her whole career.  Over the years I've heard the stories of the hospital being short staffed, her not being able to take breaks, and sometimes hardly even getting a lunch while working her 12-hour shifts.  Yes, nurses get paid pretty damn well, but there are still staffing shortages which can hinder patient care, meanwhile you have arguably way overpaid CEOs and higher-ups.

The short of what these signs mean is they are trying to pass legislation to set limits on the number of patients per nurse, more recruiting and training of nursing students, retaining and sustaining Minnesota nurses, reviews of and releasing hospital safety data, and establish nurse staffing committees.  This is all under the bill titled "Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act".

It's all about taking better care of our nurses so they can take better care of their patients.  I won't get too much more into what they are asking for in the bill, but you can read more about what the Minnesota Nurses Association is looking to get done.

Having heard the stories over the years from my Mom, I can tell you, the short staffing issues and stress levels are no joke, but a lot of CEO salaries are.

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