Ricky Rubio has been fantastic so far in his young NBA career,  but I think if he came over when he was 19-years-old he would have weltered under the NBA pressure. Two years ago the Minnesota Timberwolves could not put together a decent team if their life depended on it, but now after many years of being a doormat for the Western Conference, they are on their way up.

It has almost been three years since Ricky Rubio was drafted, and for almost two years we the fans were stuck thinking if we would ever see number nine light up Target Center. But to Rubio credit, he waited for the right moment to come here. Rubio would have died in Kurt Rambis "triangle system" because players named Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant only succeed in that system. Rubio would have had no supporting class, but now is surrounded by the $60 million dollar man in Kevin Love, and also by high draft picks in Michael Beasley, Derrick Williams and Wesley Johnson. Also not to mention a great coach in Rick Adelman.

2009 would have been the end for Rubio, but 2011-2012 is the start for Rubio. The Wolves are starting to make some noise in the NBA, especially with Love signing a four year deal worth $60 million, and a young point guard drawing many comparisons like a younger version of Jason Kidd, and Pete Maravrich.

To sum it all up. Rubio is a genius for staying in Spain for two years to mature, and now is flourishing in the NBA. Also right now I am watching the Timberwolves play the Dallas Mavericks. With two point guards out, Rubio has had played almost 46 minutes for the Timberwolves and finished with 16 points 12 assists and three rebounds away from a triple double. That is what you call a team player.

Other notes: Timberwolves beat the defending NBA Champions 105-90 in Dallas.