As riding season in the Twin Ports has started to kickoff, I thought I'd share a bike accessory something many new riders aren't aware of.

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My brother Wes just started riding and scored himself a low mile 1982 Kawasaki 550 LTD.  As a big brother I'm stoked for him, and oddly didn't even know he had much interest in riding.  It's fun when siblings share hobbies, and now I have another person to add to the list of people I'd actually like to go on a bike ride with.  I asked him if his group of buddies that ride got him a Guardian Bell yet, and he didn't even know what that is.  Which leads me to believe he either has crappy friends or they didn't know.  It turns out they aren't crappy friends, but just didn't know.

Guardian Bell is a manufacturer that claims to be the original, whatever that means.  Some call them Guardian Bells, ring bells, ride bells, or gremlin bells.  Whatever the brand or the maker, they are generally made out of pewter, and you hang one from the lowest point on your motorcycle.  You can hang it from your bike, but you're not supposed to buy it yourself, because it's magic.

Maybe not magic, but there is a legend behind them and the story varies depending on who you talk to or who is selling them.  The idea is that the ringing of the bell as you ride helps to ward off evil spirits, road gremlins, or anything negative in hopes of keeping you safer when you ride.


You can of course buy your own and put it on your motorcycle, but legend has it that it's even better luck if it's gifted to you.  If you have a new rider in your life, consider a Guardian Bell of sorts as a gift to send the good vibes their way when they are rolling on two wheels.  Prices range from 10ish bucks up to the mid 20s, so they don't break the bank.  There are also dozens and dozens of options out there as far as designs and styles.

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Bells are available featuring religious symbols, professions, patriotic symbols, aspirational designs, animal or mythological based, and even dirty ones.  I won't share the pic of the bell my wonderful wife got me on here, but if you see me out riding ask to take a look, it's dirty and fun.  I'm excited to get one for my brother for his first motorcycle.

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