It's that time of year again where it's important to remind people that they should leave a fawn alone if you encounter it in the wilderness. Fawns (baby deer), are born in late May and early June in the Midwest. Sometimes people think they are helping out the fawn if they see them alone in the woods. In most cases the opposite is true.

The fawns mother (a doe), will be around the area and will return to the fawn. Sometimes people think that because they found a fawn alone that it has been abandoned. This is very very rarely the case.

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Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center posts this message each year to help get the word out.

People who scoop up a fawn think they are doing the right thing. Sadly, the chances of the fawn surviving aren't nearly as good away from their mothers. They need their mothers to help nurture them until they can be on their own.

Always leave the fawn alone and there is no cause to be alarmed unless the fawn appears obviously injured or sick. If the fawn is lying next to a dead female dear, that could be her mother, and this situation could lead to intervention. If a fawn is crying out and the mother isn't returning, you should call an animal rehabilitation center like Wildwoods at 218-491-3604 before you do anything.

If you encounter a fawn being attacked by a dog or pestered by something, you should pick up the fawn and put them in a safe place as close to where they were left. Keep kids and pets away.

For more information on how to be responsible with wildlife and help out, visit

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