When it comes to an actual summer season in the Twin Ports, those of us who live here know that it doesn't last long.

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Even if on paper it might look like four or so months, it goes so fast.  For me, the older I get; the faster summertime seems to fly by each year.  It's not always easy, but I try my best to not really sleep in on my weekends off in the summer, even if I don't have much planned for the day.

Getting up earlier even if I'm tired, means I get to enjoy more warmth and hopefully sunlight that we lack for too much of the year here.

Get up earlier to sleep better

Getting up earlier usually means you sleep better, and as we've heard for years, getting good sleep and enough of it is great for your health all around.

Waking up before the sun is refreshing

It might not seem that way, but to wake up when it's still kind of dark and being around for the gradual sunrise can be refreshing.  It makes for a less abrupt introduction to the daylight hours.  Also, your body stops making melatonin when the sun is up, and melatonin helps you sleep better.  So, you're not always gaining much by sleeping into sunlight hours.

Quiet time is therapeutic

If you live with others, it's nice to enjoy some quiet time and getting up earlier can provide that.  That is of course unless everyone in your home has the same idea.  Assuming it's just you, or just you and the dog, it can be a time to reflect, read, or just enjoy the silence.

Getting up earlier can make you feel accomplished

Even if it's just getting up earlier to enjoy a sunrise, the alone time, or for you're health in general, that act of getting up early can be considered your first goal of the day.  Congrats, you've knocked one out and can move on to the next task.

If you're not an early bird and tend to way oversleep on your days off in the summer, try to take a couple of mornings to try getting up earlier, it just might be a new way for you to start your days.

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